Friday, October 26, 2012

We're Still Here!

Yes, we are still here!

As many of you know (and the rest can surely guess), there are many challenges to operating a small independent company such as Verbal Sweetness Comics.

One of the more 'interesting' challenges to come our way, has been poor health. Sickness caused our offices to be shut down for over two weeks, with no work getting done.

On top of that, Verbal Sweetness' own Super-Genius ( ) has been put under a doctor's care, and said medical staff are finding different cocktails of drugs to keep him from, as one orderly so cutely put it, "goin' f'ing mental-case and puttin' a bullet in everybody's head."

While we think said orderly has, perhaps, overstated the issue, nobody needs to worry about him anymore, as he will not be, he won't be working in this area any longer. Yeah, that's it.

In the meantime, we are back to work here at Verbal Sweetness Comics!

Issue 3 of Flightpath should be out...sometime after lunch. Actually, seriously, we have no timetable at all right now, as we are still busy firing up the computers (actually, all we own are a calculator and an etch-a-sketch, and the doctors even took my shoelaces away!) and trying to figure out where we left off in the process.

It's a good thing the only deadlines we have, are self-set!

Stay tuned, we promise that Issue 3 of Flightpath will get finished, and we will get it it you as soon as we possibly can.

And, due to all the stuff stated above, we have decided to push the premiere issue (that's "Issue # 1", for those of you not brushed up on your comics lingo) of The Bustling Booster Girl back into January of 2013, in order to give it the attention to detail it needs.

Sorry for the delays, folks, but remember...we're FREE! Stay tuned to Verbal Sweetness Comics for more info as we think of it!